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Furniture for your vacation rental: A few tips

There are many things that potential visitors are analyzing before choosing a vacation rental at Airbnb or Booking.com, but it looks like some of these things are more important than the others.

For many visitors, the interior of a property plays a crucial role. This is quite natural because even if you are spending most of the time outside you definitely want to feel cozy when you come back to the property. So, as an vacation rental owner or manager, you should pay special attention to the furniture and decorations used in your rental property. We will use this article to help you out. Keep in mind that most of these tips don’t require a significant financial investment, but they can make a real change.

Focus on the accent pieces to make your place unique

It’s always a good idea to use an accent piece like a large painting, some piece of furniture like a sofa that comes in vivid colors or even some simple items like a pottery item. Based on this accent piece you should choose adequate colors for the rest of the furniture and decorations in that room.

Try using modular furniture

Modular furniture is a real hit these days, not only when it comes to Airbnb or Booking.com rentals, but also among homeowners. The reason is simple – this type of furniture allows users to get the most from any space. For example, you can use a sectional sofa that can be turned into a set with a couch and chairs. The best thing about modular furniture is that you can use it in any space.

Lamps with a timeless design

Every property requires adequate lighting and your bnb property is not an exception. There are many places where you can find lamps with a timeless design. We are talking about items that can beautify and make your rental property more functional. Another tip is to use cost-effective bulbs in order to cut expenses.

Bunk bed

Keep in mind that this advice is not suitable for every Airbnb host. It all depends on the type of guests you are expecting and the space you have. However, if your property meets specific criteria, you should consider buying a bunk bed. In this way, you will provide more beds in a smaller space. Just make sure that you are buying a bed from a reputable manufacturer.

Stylish coat racks

Another great tip that you should take into account is buying a stylish coat rack. Think about the overall appearance of the room or hallway where you will place it and choose a matching style. Coat racks are very useful because visitors probably don’t want to spend money on clothes hangers and they will appreciate a piece of furniture like this. Needless to say, you can find very cheap and attractive coat racks.

IKEA and other similar stores or online stores like eBay and Etsy are an excellent choice for Airbnb hosts that want to spice up their properties. Use this opportunity to improve your business with a small investment.

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