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Using Gadgets: A Simple Way to improve your short-term rental

There’s more than one way to get more bookings on Airbnb, but not all of them are the same. Namely, some of these ideas can be quite costly and the real question here is whether investing time and money on them is reasonable. The good thing is that as an Airbnb host you can use many different gadgets that can help you get more bookings. Read this article carefully and feel free to include some of them on your property.

Smart Home Lock

This is a gadget that can help both Airbnb hosts and guests. Thanks to a smart home lock you will get a chance to lock and unlock the door remotely, make virtual keys and even communicate with guests via smartphone. Of course, you must point out that once your property is rented you won’t use this lock unless your guest wants you to use it. In other words, make sure that they understand that their privacy is protected.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Accidents can happen at any time, no matter whether someone is on your property or not. With the help of smart smoke detectors, you can rest assured that you have a safety system that will react fast in case it notices an increased level of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide (fire). You can use the features of these devices to inform the local fire station, emergency services or people close to you. Of course, these devices can be managed with a mobile device too. The best part is that these gadgets don’t cost much.

Smart Lights

These are great gadgets for saving electricity. In some cases, Airbnb hosts are installing complete smart systems that are managed from a hub. They have sensors that detect motion and automatically turn on and off. These models are usually more expensive. Those who are not ready to invest in an entire system can use independent smart lights that can be managed from their smartphones. They have special apps that allow users to set a specific lighting schedule.

Solar Path Lights

This is an example of gadgets that are both helpful and beautiful. Path lights that work on solar energy are very cheap and they don’t need almost any maintenance. If your Airbnb property has a yard, you can place them by the path and they will light the path at night. Needless to say, this is an eco-friendly solution which is something that your guests will probably appreciate.

Smart Coffee Makers

A huge number of people are drinking coffee and they will probably be thrilled to learn that your property has a smart coffee maker. These coffee makers can be launched remotely with the help of a mobile application. They can also brew on a predetermined schedule.

These are just some of the gadgets that can help you improve your results as an Airbnb host. They are inexpensive and they can definitely make your Airbnb property stand out from the crowd.

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