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Writing Vacation Rental Listing Description

Guest post by TurnoverBnB

Once you’ve caught the attention of a potential guest with your professional quality rental photos, the next thing they’ll be looking at will be your listing description. A listing description is the written portion that describes the details of your vacation rental. Information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and square footage should be included in this section. Guests can read through multiple listing descriptions at a time, but how can you be sure your listing description sets you apart from others? In this blog, we will cover tips on how to write a listing description.

1. Be careful with your word choice

Everyone uses words like “beautiful” and “nice” in their description. These words can be perceived as cliché. Try to use words that are less commonly used but are easily recognizable. Also avoid using words such as “never” or “broken”. Although you could try to be using these words in a positive way or in a warning, these words generally will still have a negative connotation. Turn negatives into positives.

2. Highlight selling points

What makes your vacation rental better than others? This is the question you should be trying to answer when determining what your selling points are. Compare your vacation rental with competitors and see what makes yours unique. What do you have that most people don’t? Pick out the most attractive features and list them first. While highlighting selling points, be sure not to forget to include features that help complete your vacation rental.

3. Be accurate

There’s no bigger disappointment than expecting one thing and being given something completely different. Of course, it’d be easy to add adjectives that make your vacation rental more appealing, but doing this also increases your chances of receiving negative reviews. Honesty is always the best policy.

4. Connect with audience

Try not to sound too professional in your writing. Always use correct spelling and grammar, but remember that you are talking to normal human beings. Your goal should be to, connect with your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a vacation rental. What types of things would you want to know about the property?

5. Paint a picture

Ultimately, your listing description should be able to paint a clear picture in your prospective guest’s mind. What better way to do this than to walk through your property yourself? Write down what you see when first enter the house. Are there any smells or sounds that catch your attention? Try to engage all five senses.

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TurnoverBnB is a new global platform for vacation rental hosts and cleaners. TurnoverBnB offers free software that both connects hosts with cleaners and automatically schedules their cleaners for upcoming turnovers. The software syncs with your vacation rental calendar and automatically alerts your cleaners to new projects.

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